New Set for 2014

Well I have been toying with some new tunes which I’ll post here soon. I am getting a new improv live set together using Ableton and a guitar, working on some serious big tunes with a lovely singer and with my band Port+Manteau.

Heres a tune I did with Port+Manteau :

Playing Live at Wharf Chambers

S.O.I. Industries Presents:

Radek Rudnicki
Matt Robson

Wharf Chambers
27th February 2014
Doors: 7.30PM
Free Entry

Radek Rudnicki

Radek is best known for his work in the galactically obsessed Spacef!ght ,who take slices of Bitches Brew and Space is the Place phonic adventuring and distill their more meditational moments into a head on collision with Autechre’s polyrythmical drumspank.

Tonight, Radek will be making a rare solo live appearance, showcasing a sound that can veer anywhere between complex polyrhythmical beatmush to finely honed granular infrasound and synthesiser tweak. For fans of Touch, Mego, Warp and any open minded farfield space-jazz heads.


Ben Eyes’ long running electronica/post rock/experimental freight train continues apace. Over the years Quip has gifted us Fennesz style meadows of bucolic guitar wash, Boards of Canada inspired analogue synthesiser dystopias, Cylobian electro from vintage boxes, introspective electronic post-rock to pristine glitch electronica.

With such a rich backstash of styles at his disposal any one of the many faces of Quip could make a showing tonight.

Matt Robson

Still bemused and more than slightly confused, LS6′s least favourite son of digital melancholy continues to pilot an aural vessel of disrepair through the backwaters of rock n’ roll, having derailed the fortunes of many a musical project along the way, either through shady drumming, questionable studio engineering or transit-damaged electronics in bands too numerous to mention.

Nevertheless, those who do brave the early slot will be treated to a heart warming take on laptop electronica that is in turns, a little sad, a little bit uplifting and mostly, quite a bit wonky.


Proving that exiles from slam-poetry can make that tricky transition into the world of hip-hop, Mr Daniel Hearn takes a dash of Sage Francis and a soupecon of Scroobius Pip and weaves these influences into a unique rhyming flow under the name of Danopposite. Backed by production that takes in influences as diverse as Flying Lotus, Jay Dee and OddFuture, Dan’s debut show should be a tasty prospect.

You must be a member or guest of a member to attend. Joining costs £1. See

Wharf Chambers gig with Viewer and Chrononautz

Playing this gig with Viewer and Chrononautz. Viewer (Live) Chrononautz (One Eyed Jacks) (Live) DJ Quip

Saturday 12th October 7pm – 11pm

Wharf Chambers 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds LS2 7EQ


Viewer is TIm Wright and AB Johnson. AB talks a lot of sense and is the vocalist and frontman, think Jarvis Cocker after a few too many. Tim doesn’t say much but produces the music, think lurid filthy electronic pop. A fucked up Pet Shop Boys? A synaesthetic experience with disorientating DIY visuals projected over the whole stage luring the audience into a disorientating world of drugs, politics and huge dark beats. In a former life Tim released dance music – Tube Jerk anyone? Didn’t think so, but his music was released by cult techno labels Sativae, Tresor, NovaMute, Input Output to name a few. After a series of packed happenings in the back rooms of dodgy pubs and working mens clubs in York, Viewer make their Leeds debut with some fine accomplices in tow.

Chrononautz (One Eyed Jacks Records) is a Leeds based dance action scene. They create music to jack to in front of your eyes to make your brain go pop and your feet hard slam. DJ Quip Fresh from keeping many a naked person awake in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man, Quip’s sets are always a celebration of music old and new. A built in hatred of default genre DJing sees his sets take in everything from primal early electronics, hip-hop, noise and stuff his mates have made.

Konstanz Gig

I did a gig at STFU Konstanz in Germany. Was a great weekend, was cool to hang with the usual crew and some great new faces.

My set was the last one on Saturday and I tried to get the place moving. I’m using some new synths in this one and I am pretty pleased with how it went down.

Summer Gigs

Some gigs for your diaries:

27th July Southside Beer festival, Glasgow

3rd August – Green Gathering, Chepstow
Playing on a solar stage somewhere in time.

5th September – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Local gig with fellow compadre Matt Robson