Wharf Chambers gig with Viewer and Chrononautz

Playing this gig with Viewer and Chrononautz. Viewer (Live) Chrononautz (One Eyed Jacks) (Live) DJ Quip

Saturday 12th October 7pm – 11pm

Wharf Chambers 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds LS2 7EQ


Viewer is TIm Wright and AB Johnson. AB talks a lot of sense and is the vocalist and frontman, think Jarvis Cocker after a few too many. Tim doesn’t say much but produces the music, think lurid filthy electronic pop. A fucked up Pet Shop Boys? A synaesthetic experience with disorientating DIY visuals projected over the whole stage luring the audience into a disorientating world of drugs, politics and huge dark beats. In a former life Tim released dance music – Tube Jerk anyone? Didn’t think so, but his music was released by cult techno labels Sativae, Tresor, NovaMute, Input Output to name a few. After a series of packed happenings in the back rooms of dodgy pubs and working mens clubs in York, Viewer make their Leeds debut with some fine accomplices in tow. www.viewermusic.co.uk www.viewermusic.co.uk/jukebox.html

Chrononautz (One Eyed Jacks Records) is a Leeds based dance action scene. They create music to jack to in front of your eyes to make your brain go pop and your feet hard slam.

https://soundcloud.com/chrononautz/ DJ Quip Fresh from keeping many a naked person awake in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man, Quip’s sets are always a celebration of music old and new. A built in hatred of default genre DJing sees his sets take in everything from primal early electronics, hip-hop, noise and stuff his mates have made. https://soundcloud.com/quip